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Moksha Therapy Psychology Practice


The leader in the family makes change possible.

At Moksha Therapy Psychology Practice, we lend a hand to others to become leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Moksha Therapy Psychology Practice started with a vision to provide services to families struggling with emotional and mental illness. The word Moksha is a Sanskrit word that translates to 'renunciation, freedom and liberation'. 

Vinity Gill has a Masters in Brain & Mind Science and Masters in Health Sciences (Child and Adolescent Mental Health). A Registered Psychologist, Medicare, PTS and NDIS provider, and APS member. She has set up her private practice in the Upper Blue Mountains.

She has created a niche in the market by having a team of three Therapeutic staff and an Exercise Physiologist, where they all work together to support families under the NDIS Scheme.

Moksha Brochure

Complete the Family Unit Functioning Questionnaire



We apply natural systems thinking to human emotional functioning and behaviour and move away from the cause-and-effect thinking.


Vinity Gill I Masters in Health Science I Masters in Business Administration I Masters in Brain & Mind Science I Provider #4551813J I PSY0001410113 I NDIS Registration No #4050009526 I NDIS Behaviour Support practitioner ID P0003037. 

Find out more about Vinity and her team.


We approach all our appointments with a positive attitude and provide the best service we can.

Vinity is committed to assisting people strengthen their relationships and their emotional health through a family systems approach.

She has worked extensively with families with young children who present with a range of symptoms including attention issues, anxiety, speech problems, developmental delay and behavioural problems.


In this process she has found that parents are the best resource for their child.



ADDRESS: 2 Farnells Road, Katoomba


DATE: 22nd September 2023


TIME: 10.00AM - 12.00PM


  1. Get a mental health plan from the doctor. The sessions are bulk billed.

  2. Vinity Gill and Carole Fuge will run the group. 

  3. It will be run once every month for the next ten months.

  4. It is an evidence-based group, so please complete the Family Unit Functioning Questionnaire.




Sometimes We Have Things To Write About That May Be Important To Us, And You.


We're So Lucky To Have The Most Amazing Clients, And To See How Much They Appreciate Us And What We Do Is Really Amazing.

 “Vinity took the time to really understand us and what (participant) and family needs were.”

“I know 100% that our (family) information is kept private. Vinity never talks about anyone else so that tells me she will not talk about us either.”

“Vinity has my child’s best interests at heart and not afraid to say what is right for him. She (Vinity) is the only person he (participant) likes to go and see. We (family) had to drop all other services as he would not cooperate at all but loves seeing her, she is great for him. For us with Vinity she is a constant and a safe space. He opens up and talks with her - not a typical autistic child and picks up on all his things and then gives us strategies. Been there for us and is very hands on. We find her services very valuable. She explains it all to us.”

“It’s a rough journey and Vinity is a good person to have in your corner. Navigating autism and pre-teenager stuff is so difficult. Her support and being available means everything. She drops everything for us. I can not praise her enough. We would be lost without her.”


2 Farnells Road

Katoomba NSW 2780

0420 973 363

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